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Special From Our Own Correspondent
Submitted By Paul Deppler, 25 January 2008 | 1402 39

Here also are the other things that have been annotated:
Plants in Shakespeare
Plants in Homer
Dreams of the American Book Congress

Nothing in Shakespeare

1 Henry 6: "I am left out; for me nothing remains" (1.1.172-177); "Be not amazed, there’s nothing hid from me" (Pucelle); "my father’s execution was nothing less than bloody tyranny" (2.5.98-100); "By me they nothing gain an if I stay; ‘Tis but the shortening of my life one day," (4.6.34-41). "Will nothing turn your unrelenting hearts?" (5.4.59-64).

2 Henry 6:"nothing but an argument that he that breaks a stick of Gloucester’s grove shall lose his head for his presumption." (1.2.17-22); "Talking of hawking; nothing else," (2.1.42-52); "Nor stir at nothing till the axe of death hang over thee" (2.4.42-57); "I charge and command that, of the city’s cost, the pissing-conduit run nothing but claret wine this first year of our reign" (4.6.1-6); "What say you of Kent? -- nothing but this" (4.7.51-54). "But then AEneas bare a living load, nothing so heavy as these woes of mine." ( 5.2.61-65).

3 Henry 6: "nothing sung but death to us and ours" (2.6.52-59). "Henry now lives in Scotland at his ease, where having nothing nothing can he lose." (3.3.151-155). "Subjects may challenge nothing of their sovereigns" (4.6.6-8); "Why, and I challenge nothing but my dukedom, as being well content with that alone. " (4.7.20-26). "of all my lands s nothing left me but my body’s length." (5.2.16-28); "take his thanks that yet hath nothing else." (5.4.50-59).

Richard III: "Having God, her conscience, and these bars against me, and I nothing to back my suit at all, but the plain devil and dissembling looks, and yet to win her, all the world to nothing. Ha!" (1.2.227-238);"What doth she say, my Lord of Buckingham? --Nothing that I respect, my gracious lord. " (1.3.294-297); "betwixt their tides and low names, there’s nothing differs but the outward fame. " (1.4.76-83); "nothing can proceed that toucheth us whereof I shall not have intelligence. " (3.2.19-24); "Being nothing like the noble duke my father:" (3.5.86-92); "nothing fitting for the purpose Untouch’d,"/ "thus hath the duke inferr’d;’ But nothing spake in warrant from himself." (3.7.5-41); "I swear– by nothing for this is no oath" (4.4.368-373); "Out on you, owls! nothing but songs of death?" (4.4.503-508).

Comedy of Errors: "There’s nothing situate under heaven’s eye" (2.1.15-25); "Dost thou not know? -- nothing sir, but that I am beaten.", "something that you gave me for nothing", "I’ll make you amends next to give you nothing for something." (2.2.39-54); "And welcome more common; for that’s nothing but words" (3.1.21-25); "that chain will I bestow– be it for nothing but to spite my wife–" (3.1.114-121); "Swart, like my shoe, but her face nothing half so clean kept" 3.2.[864]; "Thou art sensible in nothing but blows", "I have nothing at his hands for my service but blows." (4.4.26-39); "I was sent for nothing but a rope!" (4.4.87-94); "Will you be bound for nothing?" (4.4.125-129); "Come, stand by me; fear nothing" (5.1.179-189).

Titus Andronicus: "thunder’st with thy tongue, and with thy weapon nothing darest perform" (2.1.53-62); "Here never shines the sun; here nothing breeds," (2.3.91-104); "O, be to me... nothing so kind, but something pitiful! " (2.3.148-156); "Why, villain, art not thou the carrier? -- Ay, of my pigeons, sir; nothing else." (4.3.83-87); "And nothing grieves me heartily indeed but that I cannot do ten thousand more" (5.1.141-144).

Taming of the Shrew: "he is nothing but a mighty lord." (Intro.1.60-63); "Let them want nothing that my house affords" (Intro.1.99-101); "Though art a lord, and nothing but a lord." (Intro.2.59); "Madam and nothing else, so lords call ladies" (Intro.2.104-109); "Why nothing comes amiss, so money comes withal." (1.2.74-79); "She may perhaps call him half a score knaves, or so. Why that’s nothing." (1.2.104-109); "That is, her love; for that is all in all.-- Why, that is nothing" (2.1.126-128); "she comes to borrow nothing of them. " (4.1.87-90); "Biondello, what of that? --Faith, nothing" (4.4.74-77); "nothing but crossed" (4.5.6-10); "now we are undone and brought to nothing" (5.1.35-37); "Nothing but sit and sit, and eat and eat!", "Padua affords nothing but what is kind" (5.2.12-15).

Two Gentlemen of Verona: "she, a laced mutton, gave me, a lost mutton, nothing for my labour" (1.1.95-100); "having nothing but the word ‘noddy’ for my pains" (1.1.117-126); "I could perceive nothing at all from her", "What said she? nothing ?" (1.1.132-149); "What is’t that you took up so gingerly? -- nothing", "And is that paper nothing? -- Nothing concerning me" (1.2.70-76); "My duty will I boast of; nothing else." (2.4.104-113); "all I can is nothing to her whose worth makes other worthies nothing" (2.4.161-174); "if he shake his tail and say nothing it will" (2.5.30-33); "nothing -- Can nothing speak? Master, shall I strike? -- Who wouldst thou strike? -- nothing", "Why, sir, I’ll strike nothing I pray you,– " (3.1.189-206); "and if it be a match, as nothing is impossible, -- What then?" (3.1.351-363); "This, or else nothing will inherit her." (3.2.72-86); "have you any thing to take to? -- nothing but my fortune." (4.1.42-49).

Love's Labor Lost: "In reason nothing -- something then in rhyme." (1.1.96-99); "Nay, nothing Master Moth, but what they look upon", "It is not for prisoners to be too silent in their words; and therefore I will say nothing" (1.2.153-160); "nothing becomes him ill that he would well" (2.1.40-51); "Why, will shall break it; will and nothing else" (2.1.97-106); "And three times as much more, and yet nothing at all." (3.1.38-49); "impose on thee nothing but this" (3.1.126-131); "nothing but fair is that which you inherit" (4.1.14-23); "Imitari is nothing" (4.2.118-127); "I do nothing in the world but lie, and lie in my throat" (4.3.1-18); "Nay, it makes nothing sir -- If it mar nothing neither" (4.3.185-191); "Where nothing wants that want itself doth seek" (4.3.228-242); "are we not all in love? -- nothing so sure; and thereby all forsworn." (4.3.278-281); "Madame, came nothing else along with that? -- nothing but this!" (5.2.1-9); "Much in the letters; nothing in the praise." (5.2.29-46); "nothing but peace and gentle visitation.", "nothing but peace and gentle visitation. " (5.2.176-184); "We number nothing that we spend for you" (5.2.186-203).

Romeo and Juliet: "The winds, who nothing hurt withal hiss’d him in scorn" (1.1.106-115); "O any thing, of nothing first create!" (1.1.171-182); "Thou talk’st of nothing", "I talk of dreams, Which are the children of an idle brain, Begot of nothing but vain fantasy" (1.4.95-103); "She speaks yet she says nothing what of that?" (2.2.10-13); "look to hear nothing but discords: here’s my fiddlestick;" (3.1.45-48); "nothing but one of your nine lives" (3.1.75-81); "Is he gone, and hath nothing?" (3.1.3); "she says nothing sir, but weeps and weeps" (3.3.99-102); "all the world to nothing That he dares ne’er come back to challenge you" (3.5.214-219); "I am nothing slow to slack his haste" (4.1.1-5); "nothing may prorogue it," (4.1.46-51); "nothing can be ill, if she be well", "she is well, and nothing can be ill" (5.1.11-23).

Richard II: "Such neighbour nearness to our sacred blood should nothing privilege him" (1.1.115-123); "the champions are prepared, and stay for nothing but his majesty’s approach. " (1.3.3-6); "Having my freedom, boast of nothing else" (1.3.268-274); "Nay, nothing all is said" (2.1.149-152); "nothing trembles", "nothing but confusion", "heavy nothing", "nothing but conceit", "nothing less", "nothing had begot my something grief", "something hath the nothing that I grieve", (2.2.1-40); "on the earth, where nothing lives but crosses" (2.2.73-85); "in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends" (2.3.xxx); "discomfort guides my tongue and bids me speak of nothing but despair" (3.2.64-74); "nothing can we call our own but death" (3.2.144-154); "In your lord’s scale is nothing but himself," (3.4.81-91); "for I must nothing be", "Make me, that nothing have, with nothing grieved," (4.1.202-222); "and wounds, if nothing else, with rage" (5.1.26-34); "let me see the writing -- my lord, ’tis nothing", "‘Tis nothing but some bond," (5.2.56-72); "And straight am nothing but whate’er I be, nor I nor any man that but man is with nothing shall be pleased, till he be eased with being nothing" (5.5.23-41).

Midsummer Night's Dream: "it is nothing but roaring. " (1.2.60-67); "Weigh oath with oath, and you will nothing weigh" (3.2.128-133); "Be certain, nothing truer" (3.2.278-281); "‘Little’ again! nothing but ‘low’ and ‘little’!" (3.2.326-328); "What’s your Will? -- nothing good mounsieur, but to help Cavalery Cobweb to scratch" (4.1.21-26); "sixpence a day in Pyramus, or nothing" (4.2.19-24); "the poet’s pen Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing" (5.1.7-22); "And it is nothing, nothing in the world" (5.1.72-82); "they can do nothing in this kind", "The kinder we, to give them thanks for nothing" (5.1.85-92); "nothing impaired, but all disordered" (5.1.122-125); "he is dead; he is nothing " (5.1.303-308).

King John: "Infortunate in nothing but in thee" (2.1.174-182); "And she again wants nothing, to name want, if want it be not that she is not he:" (2.1.(734)); "nothing do I see in you... That I can find should merit any hate."(2.1.510-520); "Hang nothing but a calf’s-skin, most sweet lout" (3.1.217-223); "A rage whose heat hath this condition, That nothing can allay, nothing but blood,"(3.1.339-343); "There’s nothing in this world can make me joy" (3.4.107-111); "Thou’rt damn’d as black–nay, nothing is so black"(4.3.116-124); "All Kent hath yielded; nothing there holds out" (5.1.30-36).

Merchant of Venice: " but even now worth this, and now worth nothing?" (1.1.22-40); "I do know of these that therefore only are reputed wise for saying nothing " (1.1. 79-104); "Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing" (1.1.113-118); "Her name is Portia, nothing undervalued to Cato’s daughter" (1.1.161-176); "for aught I see, they are as sick that surfeit with too much as they that starve with nothing" (1.2.3-10); "that’s a colt indeed, for he doth nothing but talk of his horse", " He doth nothing but frown, as who should say ‘If you will not have me, choose" (1.2.39-57); "You know I say nothing to him, for he understands not me, nor I him" (1.2.71-82); "alas, fifteen wives is nothing! " (2.2.64-76); "Your worship was wont to tell me that I could do nothing without bidding" (2.5.[870]); "but if you do, then it was not for nothing that my nose fell a-bleeding on Black-Monday" (2.5.11-26); "His words were ‘Farewell mistress;’ nothing else." (2.5.41-45); "if it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge" (3.1.53-67); "Where every something, being blent together, turns to a wild of nothing, save of joy, express’d and not express’d" (3.2.77-87); "Some dear friend dead; else nothing in the world could turn so much the constitution of any constant man", "Rating myself at nothing, you shall see how much I was a braggart", "My state was nothing, I should then have told you that I was worse than nothing;" (3.2.146-174); "He shall have nothing but the penalty" (4.1.[2268]); "Thou shalt have nothing but the forfeiture, to be so taken at thy peril, Jew" (4.1.[2291]); "A halter gratis; nothing else, for God's sake." (4.1.[2328]); "I will have nothing else but only this" (4.1.2387); "Nothing is good, I see, without respect" (5.1.[2556]).

1 Henry 4: "I knew nothing and now am I, if a man should speak truly, little better than one of the wicked" (1.2.89-96); "nothing pleaseth but rare accidents" (1.2.189-211);"I’ll have a starling shall be taught to speak nothing but ‘Mortimer,’" (1.3.219-226). "that his tale to me may be nothing but ‘Anon.’" (2.4.16-33); "there is nothing but roguery to be found in villanous man" (2.4.119-132); "wherein villanous, but in all things? wherein worthy, but in nothing? " (2.4.440-454); "What hast thou found? -- Nothing but papers," (2.4.522-544). "And that would set my teeth nothing on edge, nothing so much as mincing poetry:" (3.1.115-129); "Then should you be nothing but musical for you are altogether governed by humours" (3.1.225-230); "he is poor; he hath nothing " (3.2.72-83). "nothing can seem foul to those that win" (5.1.3-8); "nothing so strong and fortunate as I"/ " you did nothing purpose ‘gainst the state" (5.1.30-71); "nothing but a colossus can do thee that friendship" (5.1.121-126); "nothing confutes me but eyes, and nobody sees me" (5.4.111-128).

2 Henry 4: "The whoreson smooth-pates do now wear nothing but high shoes" (1.2.34-48); "I were better to be eaten to death with a rust than to be scoured to nothing with perpetual motion." (1.2.205-219); "if a man will make courtesy and say nothing he is virtuous:"(2.1.120-126); "my honour is at pawn; and, but my going, nothing can redeem it" (2.3.1-8); "to abide a field Where nothing but the sound of Hotspur’s namew did seem defensible" (2.3.16-44); "Come we to full points here; and are etceteras nothing "/ "an a’ do nothing but speak nothing a’ shall be nothing here." (2.4.172-196); "he doth nothing but roast malt-worms" (2.4.330-339); "This same starved justice hath done nothing but prate" (3.2.298-307); "there was nothing could have stay’d My father from the breast of Bolingbroke" (4.1.113-129); "skill in the weapon is nothing without sack" (4.3.95-123); "What would my lord and father? -- nothing but well to thee" (4.4.16-20). "Do nothing but eat, and make good cheer, " (5.3.12-32); "Lack nothing; be merry" (5.3.65-71); "thinking of nothing else [... ]as if there were nothing else to be done but to see him." (5.5.10-30).

Much Ado About Nothing: "Alas! he gets nothing by that" (1.1.57-68); "the one is too like an image and says nothing and the other too like my lady’s eldest son, evermore tattling." (2.1.3-15); "So you walk softly and look sweetly and say nothing" (2.1.81-86); "Note, notes, forsooth, and nothing " (2.3.42-60); "that her ear lose nothing Of the false sweet bait that we lay for it." (3.1.26-36); "the fashion of a doublet, or a hat, or a cloak, is nothing to a man. " (3.3.110-124); "What means the fool, trow? -- nothing I; but God send every one their heart’s desire!" (3.4.48-55); "nothing unless you render her again." (4.1.22-28); "I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?" "As strange as the thing I know not. It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing so well as you: but believe me not; and yet I lie not; I confess nothing nor I deny nothing. I am sorry for my cousin. " (4.1.266-289); "Therein do men from children nothing differ" (5.1.27-38); "In faith, my hand meant nothing to my sword." (5.1.53-57); "she was charged with nothing But what was true and very full of proof. " (5.1.103-106); " I desire nothing but the reward of a villain. " (5.1.225-240); "now men grow hard-hearted and will lend nothing for God’s sake" (5.1.299-308); "Another Hero! -- nothing certainer" (5.4.59-65); "if a man will be beaten with brains, a’ shall wear nothing handsome about him" "since I do purpose to marry, I will think nothing to any purpose that the world can say against it" (5.4.99-113).

Henry 5: "offer nothing here" (2.1.32-41); "I desire nothing but odds with England" (2.4.17-131) "In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility" (3.1.1-14); "and we talk, and, be Chrish, do nothing ’tis shame for us all"/ "and there ish nothing done, so Chrish sa’ me, la!" (3.2.104-112); "there be nothing compelled from the villages, nothing taken but paid for" (3.6.98-113); "all that I can do is nothing worth," (4.1.286-302); "Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame!" (4.5.10-16); "buy nothing of me but cudgels." (5.1.60-66); "nothing teems But hateful docks" / "as soldiers will that nothing do but meditate on blood,–" (5.2.41-67).

Julius Caesar: "That you do love me, I am nothing jealous" (1.2.162-175); "Run to the Capitol, and nothing else? And so return to you, and nothing else?", "Sooth, madam, I hear nothing" (2.4.1-20);"our armies here... should perceive nothing but love from us," (4.2.41-47); "nothing but death shall stay me. " (4.3.124-131); "Nor nothing in your letters writ of her? -- nothing Messala." (4.3.178-188); "didst thou see any thing? -- nothing my lord.", "saw you any thing? -- No, my lord, I saw nothing" (4.3.286-306).

As You Like It: "but I, his brother, gain nothing under him but growth", "Besides this nothing that he so plentifully gives me, the something that nature gave me his countenance seems to take from me" (1.1.13-20); "nothing I am not taught to make any thing" (1.1.28-29); "for my soul... hates nothing more than he", "nothing remains but that I kindle the boy thither" (1.1.154-163); "I shall do my friends no wrong, for I have none to lament me, the world no injury, for in it I have nothing" (1.2.182-184). "By reason of his absence, there is nothing that you will feed on" (2.4.79-83); "I care not for their names; they owe me nothing" (2.5.15-20); " we will nothing waste till you return" (2.7.128-134); "tis good to be sad and say nothing" (4.1.5-9); "to have seen much and to have nothing is to have rich eyes and poor hands" (4.1.20-23); "I will weep for nothing, like Diana in the fountain" 4.1.[919]; "To prey on nothing that doth seem as dead:" (4.3.105-119).

Twelfth Night: "there is no slander in an allowed fool, though he do nothing but rail; nor no railing in a known discreet man, though he do nothing but reprove" (1.5.87-93); " he speaks nothing but madman: fie on him!" (1.5.96-104); "a good voyage of nothing" (2.4.72-78); "she’s nothing allied to your disorders" (2.3.95-101); "I warrant thou art a merry fellow and carest for nothing", "if that be to care for nothing sir, I would it would make you invisible. " (3.1.1-36); "You’ll nothing madam, to my lord by me?" (3.1.130-144); "he does nothing but smile" (3.4.5-13); "What can be said? nothing that can be can come between me and the full prospect of my hopes." (3.4.66-85); "nothing but this; your true love for my master" (3.4.210-217); "nothing of my purpose", "nothing of the circumstance more", "nothing of that wonderful promise" (3.4.255-271); "I dare lay any money ’twill be nothing yet" (3.4.380-396); "nothing that is so is so" (4.1.3-10); "talkest thou nothing but of ladies?" (4.2.24-31); "You broke my head for nothing", "I think you set nothing by a bloody coxcomb." (5.1.176-188); "If nothing lets to make us happy both but this my masculine usurp’d attire" (5.1.239-255).

Hamlet: "What, has this thing appear’d again to-night? -- I have seen nothing" (1.1.20-29); "We doubt it nothing, heartily farewell. " (1.2.26-41); "nothing but to waste night, day and time", "What is’t but to be nothing else but mad?" (2.2.85-95); "there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" (2.2.244-254); "And like a neutral to his will and matter, did nothing" (2.2.468-497); " and all for nothing, for Hecuba!", "can say nothing no, not for a king," (2.2.549-576); "capable of nothing but inexplicable dumbshows and noise" (3.2.1-14); "As one, in suffering all, that suffers nothing" (3.2.53-70);"I have nothing with this answer", "I think nothing my lord", "What is, my Lord? -- Nothing" (3.2.92-125); "it nothing must: for women’s fear and love holds quantity" (3.2.159-170); "Do you see nothing there? -- Nothing at all; yet all that is I see. -- Nor did you nothing hear? -- No, nothing but ourselves." (3.4.120-151); "The king is a thing –- A thing, my lord! -- Of nothing, bring me to him." (4.2.26-32); "nothing but to show you how a king may go a progress through the guts of a beggar" (4.3.27-33); "My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth! " (4.4.56-66); "her speech is nothing", "there might be thought, though nothing sure," (4.5.4-13); "Will nothing stick our person to arraign in ear and ear" (4.5.78-97); "This nothing’s more than matter" (4.5.170-181); "he could nothing do but wish and beg your sudden coming o’er", "And nothing is at a like goodness still" (4.7.95-126); "O, methought, there was nothing meet" (5.1.56-66); "his umbrage, nothing more" (5.2.105-123); "I will gain nothing but my shame and the odd hits" (5.2.163-176); "nothing neither way" (5.2.300-307).

Merry Wives of Windsor: "I’ faith, I’ll eat nothing", "I’ll eat nothing I thank you, sir. " (1.1.258-285); "I would have nothing lie on my head" (2.1.168-177); "A plain kerchief, Sir John: my brows become nothing else;" (3.3.47-59); "I would little or nothing with you" (3.4.59-65); "my son profits nothing in the world at his book" (4.1.10-16); "beyond our element we know nothing." (4.2.158-169); "they were nothing but about Mistress Anne Page", "and I paid nothing for it neither, but was paid for my learning" (4.5.36-59); "he hath enjoyed nothing of Ford’s but his buck-basket" (5.5.105-115); "The truth is, she and I, long since contracted, are now so sure that nothing can dissolve us. " (5.5.[2787]).

All's Well That Ends Well:"Thus he his special nothing ever prologues" (2.1.87-92); "he that cannot make a leg, put off’s cap, kiss his hand and say nothing, has neither leg, hands, lip, nor cap;" (2.2.5-15); "yet art thou good for nothing but taking up; and that thou’t scarce worth" (2.3.192-208); "Why, I say nothing", "many a man’s tongue shakes out his master’s undoing: to say nothing to do nothing to know nothing and to have nothing is to be a great part of your title; which is within a very little of nothing." (2.4.1-27); "Sir, I can nothing say", "Something; and scarce so much: nothing indeed." (2.5.70-89); "our old ling and our Isbels o’ the country are nothing like your old ling and your Isbels o’ the court:" (3.2.6-18); "I have nothing in France", "nothing in France, until he have no wife! There’s nothing here that is too good for him", "‘Till I have no wife, I have nothing in France.’ nothing in France, until he has no wife!" (3.2.74-107); "I was well born, nothing acquainted with these businesses" (3.7.1-7); "it nothing steads us to chide him from our eaves" (3.7.36-43); "nothing of me, has a’?", " he can say nothing of me:" (4.3.105-117); "nothing but let him have thanks." (4.3.161-173); "what an honest man should have, he has nothing." (4.3.253-265); "you do so grow in my requital As nothing can unroot you." (5.1.1-8); "And she is dead; which nothing but to close Her eyes myself, could win me to believe," (5.3.101-120).

Measure four Measure: "Let mine own judgment pattern out my death, And nothing come in partial" (2.1.17-31); "if these be good people in a commonweal that do nothing but use their abuses in common houses, I know no law" (2.1.41-52); "there was nothing done to her once. " (2.1.140-145); "Nothing but thunder! " (2.2.[875]); "fasting maids whose minds are dedicate to nothing temporal" (2.2.[917]); "nothing of your answer", "Let me be ignorant, and in nothing good,", "lawful mercy is nothing kin to foul redemption. " (2.4.69-116); "nothing of what is write" (4.2.196-209); "nothing goes right: we would, and we would not" (4.4.18-34); "If he be less, he’s nothing " (5.1.51-62); "Why, you are nothing then: neither maid, widow, nor wife? " (5.1.177-185); " honest in nothing but in his clothes" (5.1.265-274); "Hold up your hands, say nothing; I'll speak all." (5.1.438-448).

Othello: "What, in your own part, can you say to this? -- nothing but this is so." (1.3.67-77); "He bears the sentence well that nothing bears but the free comfort which from thence he hears" (1.3.213-223); "What from the cape can you discern at sea? -- Nothing at all: it is a highwrought flood;" (2.1.1-9); "I am nothing if not critical" (2.1.113-124); "nothing can or shall content my soul till I am even’d with him" (2.1.285-311); "your Dane, your German, and your swag-bellied Hollander–Drink, ho!–are nothing to your English" (2.3.71-80); "Yet, I persuade myself, to speak the truth shall nothing wrong him" (2.3.213-239); "I remember a mass of things, but nothing distinctly; a quarrel, but nothing wherefore." (2.3.278-287); "What dost thou say? -- Nothing my lord: or if–I know not what" (3.3.35-41); "let him come when he will; I will deny thee nothing", "I will deny thee nothing" (3.3.60-88); "’tis something, nothing; ‘twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands:" (3.3.160-167); "I nothing but to please his fantasy" (3.3.296-305); "I had been happy ... so I had nothing known", "nothing canst thou to damnation add greater than that" (3.3.349-378); "yet we see nothing done; she may be honest yet" (3.3.435-443); "To lose’t or give’t away were such perdition as nothing else could match. " (3.4.57-77); "So they do nothing; ’tis a venial slip" (4.1.3-13); " I shall say you are all in all in spleen, and nothing of a man." (4.1.75-90); "You have seen nothing then? -- Nor ever heard, nor ever did suspect", "To fetch her fan, her gloves, her mask, nor nothing?" (4.2.1-11); "Ay, and said nothing but what I protest intendment of doing" (4.2.198-205); "Quick, quick; fear nothing I’ll be at thy elbow" (5.1.1-7); "Demand me nothing" (5.2.299-312); "Speak of me as I am; nothing extenuate" (5.2.347-365).

King Lear: "Nothing my lord. -- Nothing. -- Nothing. -- Nothing will come of nothing. Speak again." (1.1.79-104); "all of it, with our displeasure pieced, and nothing more" (1.1.190-202); "nothing I have sworn; I am firm" (1.1.243-249); "nothing my lord" "nothing hath not such need to hide itself" "if it be nothing I shall not need spectacles" (1.2.28-46); "Find out this villain, Edmund; it shall lose thee nothing;" (1.2.106-120); "nothing like the image and horror of it" (1.2.169-188); "This is nothing fool", "you gave me nothing for’t. Can you make no use of nothing nuncle", "nothing can be made out of nothing." (1.4.113-134); "thou hast pared thy wit o’ both sides, and left nothing i’ the middle", "I am a fool, thou art nothing", "so your face bids me, though you say nothing." (1.4.179-197); "have you nothing said upon his party ‘gainst the Duke of Albany" (2.1.14-27); "nothing but the composition of a knave", "Away! I have nothing to do with thee" (2.2.13-34); "nothing almost sees miracles but misery" (2.2.163-176); "Edgar I nothing am" (2.3.1-21); "Catch in their fury, and make nothing of" (3.1.4-14); "I will be the pattern of all patience; I will say nothing." (3.2.14-38); "Go to; say you nothing." (3.3.1-25); "Couldst thou save nothing?", "nothing could have subdued nature to such a lowness" (3.4.45-74); "The wretch that thou hast blown unto the worst qwes nothing to thy blasts" (4.1.1-12); "in nothing am I changed but in my garments" (4.6.4-10); "There is nothing done, if he return the conqueror" (4.6.256-279); "thou art in nothing less than I have here proclaim’d thee" (5.3.84-103).

Macbeth: "Nothing afeard of what thyself didst make" (1.3.89-100); "nothing is but what is not." (1.3.127-141); "nothing in his life became him like the leaving it" (1.4.2-10); "thy undaunted mettle should compose Nothing but males" (1.7.73-78); "There ’s nothing serious in mortality" (2.3.92-97); "To be thus is nothing But to be safely thus.–" (3.1.47-56); "nothing can touch him further"(3.2.15-28); "a strange infirmity, which is nothing To those that know me." (3.4. [1377]); "the malevolence of fortune nothing takes from his high respect" (3.6.24-39); "All is the fear and nothing is the love" (4.2.6-14); "where nothing, But who knows nothing, is once seen to smile;" (4.3.164-173); "Our lack is nothing but our leave" (4.3.235-240); "Those he commands move only in command, nothing in love" (5.2.16-22); "We doubt it nothing" (5.4.1-3); "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. " (5.5.17-29).

Antony and Cleopatra: "There’s a palm presages chastity, if nothing else" (1.2.46-53); "it were pity to cast them away for nothing", "they should be esteemed nothing", "her passions are made of nothing but" (1.2.141-156); "In each thing give him way, cross him nothing" (1.3.5-12); "I can do nothing but what indeed is honest to be done" (1.5.9-18); "or for nothing or a little" (2.2.33-40); "Let this fellow be nothing of our strife" (2.2.77-88); "you shall have time to wrangle in when you have nothing else to do" (2.2.109-123); "And all great fears, which now import their dangers, would then be nothing" (2.2.132-146); "It nothing ill becomes thee" (2.6.73-81); "there’s nothing in her yet", "This creature’s no such thing -- nothing madam." (3.3.19-45); "Welcome to Rome; nothing more dear to me" (3.6.80-92); "Heard you of nothing strange about the streets", "nothing. What news?" (4.3.1-6); "there is nothing left remarkable Beneath the visiting moon." (4.15.60-69); "You’re fall’n into a princely hand, fear nothing" (5.2.21-28); " I have reserved to myself nothing" (5.2.137-149); "I have nothing of woman in me" (5.2.233-240); "Give it nothing I pray you, for it is not worth the feeding" (5.2.265-279).

Coriolanus:"they nothing doubt prevailing and to make it brief wars" (1.3.95-101); "he seeks their hate with greater devotion than can render it him; and leaves nothing undone that may fully discover him their opposite" (2.2.16-23); "Speak... leave nothing out for length" (2.2.48-54); "purpose so barr’d, it follows, nothing is done to purpose" (3.1.140-161); "I would the gods had nothing else to do" (4.2.44-48); "waked half dead with nothing" (4.5.106-140); "This peace is nothing but to rust iron" (4.5.224-243); "Nay, I hear nothing. His mother and his wife Hear nothing from him." (4.6.14-20); "nothing but his report." (4.6.60-71); "He was a kind of nothing, titleless," (5.1.9-15); "we have nothing else to ask, but that Which you deny already" (5.3.78-91); "He wants nothing of a god but eternity" (5.4.16-24).

Timon of Athens: "Thou art proud, Apemantus -- Of nothing so much as that I am not like Timon", "if doing nothing be death by the law" (1.1.196-202); "I will do nothing at thy bidding" (1.1.274-284); "I’ll nothing for if I should be bribed too [...] thou wouldst sin the faster." (1.2.241-251); "give my horse to Timon, ask nothing, give it him, " (2.1.1-14); "nothing but an empty box, sir", "nothing doubting your present assistance therein", "La, la, la, la! nothing doubting,’ says he?" (3.1.13-30); "money, plate, jewels and such-like trifles, nothing comparing to his" (3.2.17-23); "nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy" (3.5.1-5); "law is strict, and war is nothing more" (3.5.77-87); "For these my present friends, as they are to me nothing so in nothing bless them, and to nothing are they welcome." (3.6.70-84); "nothing I’ll bear from thee, but nakedness, thou detestable town!" (4.1.[1565]); "Are we undone? cast off? nothing remaining? " (4.2.1-8); "There’s nothing level in our cursed natures, but direct villany" (4.3.1-23); "When there is nothing living but thee, thou shalt be welcome" (4.3.356-363); "nothing can you steal, but thieves do lose it:" (4.3.441-454); "let prisons swallow ‘em, debts wither ‘em to nothing" (4.3.528-538); "Nothing else: you shall see him a palm in Athens again", "What have you now to present unto him? -- Nothing at this time but my visitation" (5.1.5-21); "he is set so only to himself that nothing but himself which looks like man is friendly with him" (5.1.115-120); "nothing brings me all things" (5.1.184-189); "No talk of Timon, nothing of him expect" (5.2.14-17).

Pericles, Prince of Tyre: "Her face the book of praises, where is read nothing but curious pleasures" (1.1.13-25); "When what is done is like an hypocrite, the which is good in nothing but in sight" (1.1.122-134); "Nothing to think on but ensuing death:" (2.1.1-11); "I can compare our rich misers to nothing so fitly as to a whale" (2.1.28-35); "for here’s nothing to be got now-a-days, unless thou canst fish for’t" (2.1.66-70); "There’s nothing can be minister’d to nature that can recover him" (3.2.5-10); "you’ll lose nothing by custom" (4.2.131-140); "yet nothing we’ll omit hat bears recovery’s name" (5.1.45-58);

Cymbeline: "I something fear my father’s wrath; but nothing [...] what his rage can do on me:" (1.1.83-92); "I would abate her nothing though I profess myself her adorer," (1.4.65-76);" I do nothing doubt you have store of thieves" (1.4.89-99); "the description of what is in her chamber nothing saves the wager you have laid" (2.4.92-99); " the vows of women of no more bondage be, to where they are made, than they are to their virtues; which is nothing." (2.4.108-115); "I’ll deny nothing" (2.4.145-155); "we will nothing pay for wearing our own noses" (3.1.11-14); "Richer than doing nothing for a bauble", "We have seen nothing", "My fault being nothing (...) but that two villains (...) swore to Cymbeline I was confederate with the Romans" (3.3.10-78); "no more ado with that harsh, noble, simple nothing" (3.4.131-136); "laying by that nothing gift of differing multitudes–" (3.6.82-93); "But time hath nothing blurr’d those lines of favour" (4.2.102-110); "his humour was nothing but mutation" (4.2.131-145); "Triumphs for nothing and lamenting toys is jollity for apes and grief for boys" (4.2.184-196); "nothing ill come near thee! " (4.2.259-283); "‘Twas but a bolt of nothing, shot at nothing, which the brain makes of fumes" (4.2.292-322): "I am nothing; or if not, nothing to be were better." (4.2.368-375); "I nothing know where she remains" (4.3.1-16); "nothing routs us but the villany of our fears." (5.2.11-13); "three performers are the file when all the rest do nothing " (5.3.14-41); "Poor wretches that depend on greatness’ favour dream as I have done, wake and find nothing", "either both or nothing, or senseless speaking or a speaking such as sense cannot untie." (5.4.123-150); "since the gods will have it thus, that nothing but our lives may be call’d ransom, let it come" (5.5.76-92); "the wrongs he did me were nothing prince-like" (5.5.288-301).

Winter's Tale: "With what’s unreal thou coactive art, and fellow’st nothing" (1.2.128-146); "Is whispering nothing?" "is this nothing? Why, then the world and all that’s in’t is nothing, The covering sky is nothing, Bohemia nothing, My wife is nothing nor nothing have these nothings, If this be nothing. " (1.2.283-296); "comfort the gracious queen, part of his theme, but nothing of his ill-ta'en suspicion!" (1.2.[575]); "so surprised my sense that I was nothing." (3.1.4-16); "twas nothing that did but show thee" "betake thee to nothing but despair" "take your patience to you, and I’ll say nothing " (3.2.176-243); "there is nothing in the between but getting wenches with child" (3.3.58-76); " to be so still requires nothing but secrecy" (3.3.109-123); "a man, they say, that from very nothing [...] is grown into an unspeakable estate" (4.2.29-40); "Apprehend nothing but jollity" (4.4.24-24); "I wish you A wave o' the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that" 4.4.[2016]; "nothing she does or seems but smacks of something greater than herself" (4.4.151-161); "thou shalt lose nothing here" (4.4.251-257); "you have let him go and nothing marted with him", "So well, nothing so well", "Lies he not bed-rid? and again does nothing but what he did being childish?", "all whose joy is nothing else but fair posterity" (4.4.345-417); "delay’d, but nothing alter’d" (4.4.463-467); "What course I mean to hold shall nothing benefit your knowledge" (4.4.486-505); "Nothing so certain as your anchors" (4.4.[2516]); "’twas nothing to geld a codpiece of a purse", "no hearing, no feeling, but my sir’s song, and admiring the nothing of it" (4.4.597-620); "omit nothing may give us aid." (4.4.[2588]); "that the complaint they have to the king concerns him nothing" (4.4.[2806]); "Nothing but bonfires: the oracle is fulfilled" (5.2.10-26); "nothing so aged as this seems" (5.3.14-29).

The Tempest: "I have done nothing but in care of thee" (1.2.13-25); "Nothing of him that doth fade but doth suffer a sea-change", "A thing divine, for nothing natural I ever saw so noble. " (1.2.399-423); "There’s nothing ill can dwell in such a temple" (1.2.452-467); "thou dost talk nothing to me", "they always use to laugh at nothing", "Who in this kind of merry fooling am nothing to you: so you may continue and laugh at nothing still" (2.1.169-185); "I heard nothing" (2.1.311-325); "but my rejoicing at nothing can be more" (3.1.88-96); "you’ll lie like dogs and yet say nothing neither", "Why, I said nothing", "Why, what did I? I did nothing. I’ll go farther off", "This will prove a brave kingdom to me, where I shall have my music for nothing. " (3.2.18-149); "nothing but heart-sorrow and a clear life ensuing", "Of my instruction hast thou nothing bated in what thou hadst to say" (3.3.[url=http://untenable.wordpress.com

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Insane Ambitions 
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'Nothing' and Iambic Pentameter 
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Burnt-Out Suns 
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Little black book of F. 
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Causation for the Skewer of the Particles of K 
You have not the virtue to speak 
Poetry and Dialectic 
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The Source Is Not In The Wires 
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Reading Aloud 
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Giving blood and taking an apple 
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Mao then woke in a trance 
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The King is a Thing 
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Unmanaged Beaurocracy 
Military Training 
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Miss Crawford on the clergy 
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flower problem (2) 
Nothing Progress 
Wrong Albert! 
Faulkner on Very Cold 
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New Year's resolutions for 2008 
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Poofing/ poufing 
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Rooms and Attire 
Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 5, sc. 1 
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nothing in Shakespeare's life 
A Character of Mythic Proportions 
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Watch my stories 
my stories are on 
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prey on nothing that doth seem as dead 
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Unconscious Action 
fiasco del dressing 
Brace yourselves... 
Johnny Hartman's "Today" 
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Per(r)ita Perdita 
More on filial disloyalty 
Oaks and pecans 
i had not seen freedom(or france) before.. 
Meeting San Antonians, One Sale at a Time- i.b 
Meeting San Antonians, One Sale at a Time- i.a 
giving evidence against one's father 
On not turning the other cheek 
On not correcting others 
the unleaking sack 
A Bower In The Arsacides 
dead blank 
Goodbye Madeleine 
Media Bias in the 2000 Election 
Conversation about poetry 
Former employees: Evan Mailing 
Lord David Cecil 
farewell to all my greatness 
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If a genius has self-doubts... 
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You Will See William 
Ireland, 1822 
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Open Letter to Doctor Life 
Moving The Rolffus 
In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men. ~Cicero 
happy days 
Tuesday dialogue 
In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men. ~Cicero 
No Shrinkage 
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My Experience with Meditation this week 
let's make friday our final effort 
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Tuesday - Wrong Place, Wrong Time.  
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it wasn't what went into a man that mattered but what came out 
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A day in some ways unusual, in some ways not. 
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Budding Mad Scientist 
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And here are some names that I know 
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celebrity sightings in my dreams multiply as of late 
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Strange Legislation of March the Twenty-first 
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Ill-Considered Opinions of Tuesday, March the Twentieth 
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'Delirium of the Brave' part 2 
'Delirium of the Brave' 
Randomly Considered Remarks - Fri Mar 16. late edition 
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Rhett Responds (with apologies) 
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No Beef - Friday Night Special 
Education of the Young - What would you recommend? 
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rhode island 1854 
Oxford, 1863 
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Clean and Spandy Nice 
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I Wore Yellow Dish Gloves 
No, I Will Not Take It, No! 
I Wore a Red Apron 
The Optimist 
Contents of My Purse 
it was halloween too 
Paul Bunyan 
dylan's partner 
Wall Flower 
Give It Up 
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Definitions From The Republic, Book IV 
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Goodnight Anne 
Willie The Swallower 
an uprising in december 
cotton snow 
paper decor 
Diamonds: A girl's best friend? 
Just a thought... 
A Very Simplistic View from Afar 
sanitizer found safe 
A few questions 
a trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field 
The Secret 
Two of my son's "scary" dreams to relate 
The Colt-Adams Murder 
Global Sludge 
what i wore to prom:is it time for higher learning? 
all the little fishes in the deep blue sea 
what happens mentally when you edit a sentence 
in Modern Times, Casablanca has not ended 
calling all wordsmiths 
Palace of Language 
illumination, cast away. 
What I Learned about Oxen at the Hamburg Fair 
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Letter from Honduras: San Pedro Sula y Copan 
Force Applicant 
clock like a customer 
iliad iii.383-420 
The Willard, Carrie Nation 
crab claws 
Dinner with Tom Cruise 
Open Letter To Clint Newman 
Open Response To Paul Deppler 
Open Letter To Clint Newman 
Charlie Horse 
Food in Treasure Chest 
Ernst Of Troy 
eleventh century latin verse 
Room for thought 
Dream Data Base 
From Latin "to illuminate" 
Afraid of Speaking 
Abraham Lincoln 
Fishing in the City 
The Presence of Bodies and a Large Band of Criminals 
under renovation 
A Dead Ringer for Kenny Rogers 
I Needed to Decide 
On a Lark 
Strangers in the House 
A Public Changing Room 
Snake, Gerbil, Cat and Two Others 
You Were Rilly Great 
Ted Kennedy 
In Very Black Ink 
We Were Lost 
Orange dresses 
Spilled Milk and Boarding School 
Tearing Down a Building 
I was one too 
dream in three scenes 
Dances with Boules 
It Seems To Be A Fire Hazard 
Hole For Father 
Vester and The Dragoon, Career Captain of The Coffee Guards 
Northern man 
Ninny Nanny Netticoat~finis 
A house full, a hole full 
Riddle me, riddle me, rot-tot-tote 
Arthur O'Bower 
from "Under A Threatening Sky" :1: 
No eels in nashville 
Nationalism in all it's ugliness 
I saw shapes 
grinder concluded 
Who picked the cities? 
notes on the diaries 
brief advanture 
excerpt rewrite 
PRODIGAL.a Parable 
I AM a snack 
Pierre Emmanuel, 1916-1984 
I Woke to A Freezing Room 
Arabian Nights & Days 
Michael Henchard's Will 
Left, right, center 
Wrong studs and a bad bend 
Steak, Cloves 
I don't know, because, your guess is as good as mine 
dream, letter, ornament, 
tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor 
goose at store, preparations, boys, fight, 
today, tomorrow, eternity 
Patience, Composition 
honey, copies, contact paper 
here, there, everywhere 
this, that, the other 
Transit, Manny's, Pants 
PS: I Hate You 
Nature's Rising- a List 
internal memo to market summit group: could I have an end to end on this 
Conference Call with FedEx: an auto-collage 
Mysterious In Black 
1:05 PM, near interesection of walter reed/ four mile run 
8:07 PM, Listening to the Radio 
12:55 Pm, commute 
2:35 PM, In the hallway 
1:04 am, bedroom 
3:49 pm, on floor of chimney room 
11:44 am, on a back road 
shortly before 7 am, on my husband's side of the bed 
9:02pm, St. Giles-in-the-fields Church 
8:43 PM, Corner of Carmine & Bleeker Streets 
The Bottom is Out of the tub 
WORK HORSE. a Parable 
First Contact 
Scrolls Not Safe From Brand 
Tears- a play in one act 
Off Not To Alaska 
Belief in sun 
De La Forta Post Virus 
Swearing and Supperless the Hero Sat 
Last Thoughts On Hunter Thompson 
the surprise is waiting 
Snackification (i) 
Major Scandal! 
Why "Blue Monday" Is the Most Important Electronic Song Ever....Period 
Exit The Tiger: 
the translator 
Frieda Stark Cleans House 
Tour de Vorce 
“They’ll Inherit The Earth” 
Grammatical Figures 
I will never betray the intelligent among you 
His Iron Brown and Brown 
On Disatisfying Customers 
a few thoughts on massage 
Love, The Nature Of 
Standardized Tests 
From Hamlet, 1600 
Song of the Mad Cashier 
She Sent Her Latest Stack Down 
Mencken On The Use Of Honorifics In English 
Murray Leighter 
On Riding Elevators 
(21) The Arrival of Mr. Manne 
What Mencken Says About The Difference Between The American And English Usage Of The Word ‘Guy’ 
Crowd Week: I Cannot Escape the Sea 
On Living In Crowds: Are We Herd Animals? 
Selling Roses 
Undone by the Presence of a Crowd Attracted to My Repulsion of You 
Surviving The Sardine Can 
New Orleans Crowd Painting 
Thoughts About Crowds 
Crowd Week: An Invocation 
My Kidneys The Gravel Factories 
Don't Look At Me Looking At You Looking At Me 
Letter From India: Arrival in Delhi 
American Book Congress Time Line 
Rock And/Or Roll 
Weather Records Storefront Opening Declared “A Success” 
Notes Upon My Graduation 
A Few Notes Concerning Volleyball in the Park 
814 Manhattan 
Dispatch from General Seeds: Killing A Man Is Never Easy 
Cease and Desist 
The Manne Hoax 
Recent Acquisitions by the ABC Librarian 
Why Writers Write 

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